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RAD Wildlight Studio
Wildlight Radettes 2022
RAD Summer Dance Wildlight
Wildlight Radettes
Wildlight Ballet Class

Dance School in Yulee, FL

Grow up Dancing

Do you need a comprehensive dance school offering diverse classes for ages 2-100? Come to Royal Amelia Dance Academy at Wildlight!

Perform in Two Recitals:

  1. Christmas Spectacular

  2. Spring Showcase

Study 7 Dance Styles:

Enjoy 2 Rooms:

  1. Studio 1 with our special ballet & modern dance floor at 20 Homegrown Way, Yulee, FL (near Tasty's)

  2. Studio 2 with special equipment for ages 2-5 at 550 Curiosity Ave, Yulee, FL (Wildlight Elementary)

Perform with the Wildlight Radettes:

  • Audition-only group dancing ballet, jazz, tap & hip hop

  • Performing August - May in special events!

Start Young:

  • Ballet, Tap & Jazz Ages 2-3

  • Ballet, Tap & Jazz Ages 4-5

  • Ballet, Tap & Jazz Ages 6-7

  • Tumbling Ages 2-3

  • Tumbling Ages 4-5

Amelia Island Studio: Pro Gallery
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