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What makes RAD unique?

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Where should we start?

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How much are classes?

  • 1 Class/Week: $85/Month

  • 2 Classes/Week: $115/Month

  • 3 Classes/Week: $140/Month

  • 4 Classes/Week: $165/Month

  • 5 Classes/Week: $175/Month

  • 6 Classes/Week: $185/Month

  • 7 Classes/Week: $190/Month

  • 8 Classes/Week: $205/Month

  • 9 Classes/Week: $215/Month


How do we sign up?

  1. Create an Account on Dance Studio Pro

  2. Click "Students" and add your children's information. 

  3. Click "Pay Online" and set up monthly auto payments.

  4. Click "Waivers & Policies" and read & sign the waivers. 

  5. Click "Register for Classes" and choose the classes you'd like.  

  6. Click "Online Store" and order apparel & shoes.
    RAD requires everyone to have studio uniforms for both weekly classes and to be used in both yearly recitals. 


Need to drop a class?

It's easy.

Email Amelia Island:

Email Wildilght:


1. Your child's name

2. Class you want to drop

3. Date you want to drop

Billing ends 30 days from the date of notice. 

*If you notify us on the 15th of October, your last billing date is the 1st of November and your student is welcome to attend class until November 15th.

**Our Fall season ends each May. Auto-pay will stop, and there is no need to notify the studio.

New Students: Classes
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