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Meridith Burkhart Royal Amelia Dance Academy.jpg

Meridith Burkhart

Meet Ms. Meridith

One of the very first teachers to join RAD, Ms. Meridith teaches it all and leads our amazing summer theater camps on Amelia Island! 


With a lifetime of dance influences from ballet to tap and contemporary to street dance, Ms. Meridith Burkhart brings a broad perspective to the classroom. Her résumé includes 20+ years of industrial shows, cruise lines and musical theater excellence.


She choreographs for our Amelia Island RADettes and Fusion companies, creating innovative dances with music that speaks to kids' souls. Ms. Meridith also writes, designs, choreographs and directs all four summer theater camp shows on the island each year. Highlights include Hamilton Jr, Encanto, Trolls, Peter Pan, Greatest Showman and Moana. 


Ms. Meridith has five talented children - Barringer, Brighton, Berkley, Basille and Blue.

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